24 oct. 2006

While I was at a party hosted by Judy Roitman and Stan Lombardo, featuring special guest appearances by Ken Irby, Cyrus Console, Jim McCrary, and Lee Chapman, we apparently won a baseball game against Detroit. I only wish I was a bit more indifferent to sports. If I cared slightly less I would not have looked up the score when I got home.

Baseball is a machine for training the mind to think in certain increments. Every situation is exactly definable. So many outs, balls and strikes, runners on base, in any particular inning, the score being thus. I like this, so I can listen to a game on the radio in the car even if I don't care about either team playing.

The aesthetic beauty of the game is in defense not offense. Isn't a double play more satisfiying than a home run? A home run is a *mistake* charged to the picture. *Earning* a run is a bad thing.

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Tony dijo...

Jonathan, are you the Jonathan who commented on my blog about the blurbing?

Jonathan dijo...

Yes. That was me.

Tony dijo...

Cool. Should I send you the ms.?

Jonathan dijo...

Why don't you send me an email attachment of it. Your clipper.net email address doesn't work so I'm getting my messages to you bounced back.

Tony dijo...

ah, will do.
stop using clipper. it is defunct.

it will bounce back

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Use instead, antrobin@gmail.com