15 mar. 2006

When trying to read more is like having a full meal when you are not hungry in the least.

Jordan who said the AWP was a way of spending a few days without seeing poetry. What delicious irony. No poetry is seen, only heard. The poets themselves gain visibility, corporality.

It's always feast and famine at the same time. There is always too much and not enough.

I'm trying to read a book called The Dominion of the Dead by Robert Pogue Harrison. Whenever I pick it up and read a few sentences I think: "Henry Gould would enjoy this book more than I ever could." I'm sure it's quite brilliant, but it has nothing to say to me today.

"We no longer think of the house in the ancient way; yet even if we find it difficult to phrase exactly how we do think of it, we nevertheless know, more or less, what we want or need or expect from our houses."

He goes on to say that houses have windows and tombs don't. Well yes. This could be great, but not today.

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Thomas Basbøll dijo...
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Thomas Basbøll dijo...

We no longer think of the house
in the ancient way.

We find it difficult to phrase.

Nevertheless, we know what we want
from the house.

Henry Gould dijo...

thanks for the reference, Jonathan. sounds like a good book for Lent (if you need to be a little more depressed, waiting for spring).

I'm going to go look for it.