15 mar. 2006

The NCAA tournament is replete with the poetic function. We have alliteration: March Madness, Final Four, Elite Eight, Sweet Sixteen. Metaphor and pun (big dance, sweet sixteen). Neologism: bracketology. It's an amateur's delight, since few of us know more than a few teams in any detail. It has uncertainty and chance, which is always an inherently poetic quality, and is inherently *arguable.* The idea that it reduces "productivity" is certainly absurd. Such an infusion of poetry into the workplace can only have beneficial effects.

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jose dijo...

I think filling out brackets can be a metaphor for the writing process. Playing it safe, picking the favorite in any given game analogous to the "safe" image, the cliche, etc. Fine if you guessed right, but the end result is "predictable." But nothing beats picking the risky, lower seed and seeing them upset the favorite. I don't know if this makes sense.