30 mar. 2006

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I need a second list, this time of 100 poets who did not make the first list, because of my insufficient knowledge of them, my ambivalence--innumerable reasons, really... Maybe I just don't know the poet's first name. This list may be more fun to draw up--less pressure. These are just poets I've taken an interest in at some point. Maybe I've just loved one or two of their poems. Some are personal friends like Juan Carlos Mestre and Geoffrey Chaucer.

I've noticed something: very few of the poets in KK's RWDYGTR? are missing from among my own favorites. Koch did not appear to like much bad poetry.
This list is not a canon: it is expandable up to the limits of my own knowledge: I'm sure I will do a third hundred soon. Plus, it is valid only for JM. I'm not going to put Stefan George on it, because I haven't read him. I would never say he's not canonical for German poetry.

Blanca Andreu. David Antin. Rae Armantrout. María Victoria Atencia. Charles Bernstein. Anselm Berrigan. John Berryman. Elizabeth Bishop. David Bromige. Michael Brownstein.

Buson. John Cage. Guillermo Carnero. Luisa Castro. Geoffrey Chaucer. Isla Correyero. John Donne. Garcilaso de la Vega. Thomas Fink. Nada Gordon.

Thom Gunn. Menchu Gutiérrez. Robert Hayden. Lyn Hejinian. Anthony Hecht. Miguel Hernández. Friedrich Hölderlin. Susan Howe. David Huerta. Amalia Iglesias.

James Joyce. Maryrose Larkin. D.H. Lawrence. Frank Lima. Jorge Manrique. Harry Mathews. Jonathan Mayhew. Juan Carlos Mestre. Kasey Silem Mohammad. Eugenio Montejo.

Marianne Moore. Sawako Nakayasu. Gérard de Nerval. Alejandro Oliveros. Octavio Paz. Saint-John Perse. Sylvia Plath. Po Chu-I. Marcel Proust. Jorge Riechmann.

Theodore Roethke. Queneau. Pierre de Ronsard. Ana Rossetti. Leslie Scalapino. Christopher Smart. Arthur Sze. Gilbert Sorrentino. James Tate. Dylan Thomas.

Tony Towle. David Trinidad. Paul Valéry. Paul Verlaine. Thomas Waller. Wang Wei. Lewis Warsh. Ludwig Wittgenstein. James Wright. Richard Wright.

Louis Zukofksy.

3 comentarios:

Bookboojum dijo...

I saw that you included Robert Frost in your original list; I'm curious to know what you think of Edward Thomas?

Jonathan dijo...

A kind of dull British version Robert Frost? Minor Edwardian? I am without enthusiasm for him, though I haven't read him in years.

Javierigl dijo...

Ana Rossetti. I've hardly read her. But...I swear she is the funniest woman I've ever known. Once I took lunch with her and finished up with an ache in the stomach for laughing.