30 mar. 2006

One post below is my version of radiant pluralism, inspired by David Shapiro's talk of yesterday. It's not how he would say it, exactly, but it's my translation into Mayhewese, which I speak fluently. All opinions are strictly my own: it's my application of what he said, in my own realm.

I could never reproduce his style of talk. It's digressive, but in a meaningful way--it always gets quickly enough to the point behind the point behind the point. It is extremely allusive and citational. Quotes from others will be performed in the appropriate voices and accents. Meyer Schapiro will appear every five to ten minutes. There were a lot of references to Kenneth Koch, John Cage, DeKooning, Darwin, and about 100 other people. The seminar itself was just an hour and a half segment of the 16 hour seminar that I was privileged to see. He also educated (spontaneously) some Kansas city museum goers on Rothko and De Kooning.

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