10 oct. 2005

I'm still with the Monk marathon. The Carnegie Hall concert with Coltrane is out of this world. This group--with [NOT] Wilbur Ware and Shadow Wilson--is one of the best ever.


If poetry were only that, (whatever that is for you) you wouldn't be interested in it in the first place. Poetry that doesn't have any of what you look for in poetry. That goes beyond just saying you don't like a particular style of poetry.

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Paul McCormick dijo...

The group at Carnegie Hall did not have Wilbur Ware on bass. It was Ahmed Abdul-Malik.

Jonathan dijo...

You're right. I was conflating another group from a similar period.

David Leftwich dijo...

That's a great CD, I've also been listening to it tonight. Much better sound than the Five Spot recording, which is basically a basement tape. I wonder what else is hidden away in the Library of Congress?s vaults?

And this must be the year for releasing unreleased live Coltrane ? One Down, One Up: Live at the Half Note goes on sale today. Recorded in 1965, this is one of the last recordings with the classic quartet with Tyner, Garrison, and Jones and they are supposedly at the peak of their powers and imagination. Can?t wait to hear this one.

Paul McCormick dijo...


Another incredible discovery is the June 22, 1945 Diz and Bird gig at Town Hall--just released this year. Amazing stuff.