9 oct. 2005

Don't forget Monk's birthday tomorrow. We at Bemsha Swing take this day very seriously. I suggest listening to WKCR's all day Monk extravaganza. You can pick up the mp3 stream on the internet like I do, if you don't live in NYC.


Much of my poetry is based on cognitive distortions. I never attempt to present a "best self" as poetic persona. Rather, a self that is even more befuddled by reality than I am, angrier, more splenetic.


For example, fetishes. Investing more in some object than it's real value would suggest. I dislike the moralism that condemns fetishes and wants us to weigh everything according to its "true" value. The distortion itself has poetic value. Plus, I like the inversion of importance inherent in fetishism, its metonymic torsion.


Got a copy of Vanitas in the mail, a good publication edited by Vincent Katz. Check it out, it has Davis, Piombino, Gardner, Gordon, Sala, among others. Thanks to whoever told Vincent to send this my way.

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Tony dijo...

You realize, Jonathan, that Monk and I share the same birthday.

So, Bemsha-ites, if you don't care for Monk (like JM doesn't like Bobby D.) you can celebrate Tony Robinson's birthday.

It's a great time!

Jonathan dijo...

Happy birthday Tony and Thelonious.


What's wrong with loving objects?

Wanting them to be a part of our lives?

Is it wrong to let them take the place of animate manifestations on the physical plane of being?

Should we frame object wants and needs in these terms?

Is it anyone's business but the person with the fetish?


Why have I started asking questions, you may ask?


Well, the simple reason is thast I feel a need to seek contours of meaning within liminal netscape environments where my quiver can be as one, busting at the seams, as it where, for plangent exchange.


Is it wrong to want a rough and ready bit of text, not really drafting the outcome, just letting it splurt all over the shop, even though some may get splashed?

Laura Carter dijo...

My birthday is tomorrow!

Aaron Tieger dijo...

Happy birthday David Lee Roth!