22 sept. 2005

Sonny Clark. Check it out. Very straightforward post-bebop with clean lines derived from Bud Powell. His trio work with Philly Joe Jones and Paul Chambers. Chambers is my favorite bass player, and, reportedly, Coltrane's favorite as well. Philly Joe is perhaps the best drummer imaginable for this particular group. Basically anything Rudy Van Gelder recorded for Blue Note in this period is golden. I looked at my cd collection the other day and realized it was ninety percent Blue Note.

It's not transcendent music like Coltrane. It's a different kind of thing.

My favorite Coltrane album is "Coltrane's Sound." I'm finding I'm preferring this straightforward jazz "blowing" to the bombastic spirituality of "A Love Supreme" and "Crescent." Maybe it's because I've been listening to "A Love Supreme" every day for two weeks.

And Morton Feldman's string quartet with piano, recently released, from the Kronos Quartet. I can't get enough of that either. If you like loud, fast, bombastic music only, you won't like this one. It's slow, soft, long, and repetitive--and utterly captivating.

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Paul McCormick dijo...

Today is Coltrane's birthday. Be sure to check out the 24-hour Coltrane Birthday Broadcast on WKCR FM (Internet Radio):


Jonathan dijo...

I didn't know it was Coltrane's birthday. Coincidence? Or is it that every day is Coltrane's birthday for me?

Paul McCormick dijo...

Also the Monk Birthday Broadcast on Oct 10, which like all the kcr broadcasts, is hosted in large part by Phil Schaap--He probably knows more about Monk and his music than anyone alive. Schaap is a very interesting figure in his own right. Are you familiar with him?