22 sept. 2005

I need some more poems.

Send them to me.

I won't name names this time.

It did work--I got poems from people I named.

But it felt a little weird. For me and for you.

If I asked you for poems before, and you haven't sent them to me, you can still send them to me.

It's a good time, because I haven't been getting anything this week.

When this (The Duplications) becomes a famous journal, it will be harder to get into it. I will accept .0001%. Right now it is relatively easy. I can accept 50% and come up with four or five good poems a week. The best five I've published so far could be in the BAP next year. I won't tell you which five though. I'd like to award a prize to the best poem of the month not written by my daughter. You can put that on your c.v. The Duplications prize. However, I probably won't, on the "no good deed goes unpunished" principle.

3 comentarios:

C. Dale dijo...

You have that right. "No good deed goes unpunished." Absofuckinglutely right!

Behrle, Prince of Trolls dijo...

I think my poem with the vaginamouth is scaring people off.

Jonathan dijo...

I'm moving Julia's poem about ice-cream to the top so people won't be scared away by Jim's poem.