23 sept. 2005

The reading went very well. Sitting on the floor room only at the Raven Bookstore, this tiny little store that sells a lot of mystery novels, and has stayed in business despite being across the street from Borders. There must have been 100 people crammed in there. David Perry came in from KC. Monica Peck flew in from San Francisco to read.

My Monk material went over well. It's interesting how presenting material to an audience changes your perception of it. My poetry depends a lot on tone of voice, so the transition from page to voice wasn't too hard. I got a few laughs, no sighs.

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Whimsy dijo...

Good for you, Jonathan. How did y'all get a gig in a mostly-Mystery bookstore?

Honestly, I am SO enjoying your middle-aged foray into active Poetry World stuff. I have been feeling so isolated being the only over-30-something on the scene :)

K. Silem Mohammad dijo...

Jeffery, I think there are many more of us over-30s out here than you think. I'll be 43 in a couple of weeks, and just scanning the old blogroll, I'm checking off lots of seniors like ourselves.

The word verification code for this comment is "ghasgkt."

Jonathan dijo...

iddctxs! I want to write a poem with these words.

Gary Sullivan is about my age too. Nada is about five years younger, I think. There are some bloggers in their fifiies as well: Piombino, Silliman, Duemer, Snider, Gould. How old is Stephen Vincent?

Whimsy dijo...

That IS good news, Kasey. In a few years, the blog community will match the age distribution of BAP :)