19 sept. 2005

Every dud poem in a magazine.... That's the way I think of it too, but it raises another question: did the editor know she was putting a dud poem in there? Or does he really think that the dud is a firecracker? Dull editors are nothing if not "sincere" in thinking they're putting on a quality show. They're just people with a dull attitude toward poetry.

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Laura Carter dijo...

I think sometimes editors are trying to fill up space. (I say this knowing my dud poems have been published for this reason!) After a while of reading through piles of submissions, the OK poems start to look pretty good. When I was reading for ____, I was cautious because I didn't want to upset the managing editor's taste, but I could only guess at that taste by falling back on standards that were, well, safe.

Another problem, I think, with the sort of solicitation for "quality" that you pick on. Sometimes I think it would be more interesting to pick random submissions out of a hat. But of course many journals solicit enough work (often without checking it out too carefully!) to fill up most of their issues.

Jonathan dijo...

pizdjhc! That's the secret code on the word verification right now. It changes with every comment. I like the random picking of poems idea. When the idea gets to be to choose poems that rise above a certain level, aren't too bad, the results are dull. After all, you might not be able to find anything wrong with a given poem--other than the fact that it doesn't have anything right with it either.