11 ago. 2005

Titles (for Gary Sullivan)

Slim Volume of Poetry
How I Wrote Certain of My Books
The Morton Feldman Fake Book
Minor Poets of the New York School
Title to be Announced
Poems Retrieved from Bemsha Swing
The Oblviion Ha-Ha
Claudio Rodríguez and the Language of Poetic Vision
Poetry After Jim Behrle
Don't Steal This Title

5 comentarios:

Ray Davis dijo...

I realize you can't trademark a title, but I fear confusion with Anselm Dovetonsils's Slim Volume of Poems and Poetry. And any potential author should fear it even more.

shanna dijo...

that was my first chapbook title, in 1994ish: "a slim volume." i got it from something in virginia woolf, i think. god, it sucked.

Jonathan dijo...

Yes, can't forget about "Anselm Dovetonsils."

Gary dijo...

I feel like an idiot, because I did not realize that you had something called The Monk Fake Book, or I simply just didn't let that info sink in. I'll call my book something besides Fakebook (which I actually stole from the Feelies, or wait, no, that other Lou Reed-y band, Yo La Tengo), which is just a working title, anyway.

Forgive me!

Jonathan dijo...

You are forgiven!