27 ago. 2005


I have two second best fountain pens. They are Watermans, but the kind that costs about $35 dollars. The blue one had been missing for about six months. I thought it permanently gone. Today, the green one disappeared. I thought it was probably in the car, so I went out to look under the driver seat where such things usually drop. I felt around in the dark, and there it was, my pen. But when I got into the house, I realized it was the blue pen that I had lost six months before. The green pen might be in the car, but I don't feel like going back out there right now.

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didi dijo...

If you go to www.swisherpens.com, you can pick up a Waterman for $22.00. They have them on special. I have bought a few from them and they are a good company. They only have greens left.

There is a poem you wrote in spanish about a turntable. There is something wrong with that poem but I did not study these things...(translations) like you did. I only live it. So I will keep quiet.


Jonathan dijo...

I found green. It was on the dining room table.