13 ago. 2005

Ron Padgett is the most influential American poet.

Especially influential on poets who have never read him.

It's better to be an influential poet than a great one. That is a form of greatness.

I like that border between the facetious and sincere. Ron is the father of the New Sincerity and the New Ironism alike.

For example when I say that Ron is the most influential poet I thought I was being facetious, but it turned out that I really believe this. Once a thought is formulated it takes on a certain "reality." Even if you entertain the idea for a few seconds, I have won.

Ashbery's influence is not "useable." Poets of America, stop writing Ashberyese!

I'd have to back up the statement about Padgett. I think I could back it up. I have no interest in doing this or winning an argument about it.

If you challenge the statement I'll back down right away. Doesn't mean I'm not right. There're statements that are true but not literally true. In other words, their exaggeration is part of their truth.

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Ray Davis dijo...

One way in which I'd love Ron Padgett to become the most influential American poet is that he doesn't start, contribute to, or become fatally consumed by flames. I think it's sometimes possible to learn those fire-walking skills (the last paragraph of your post points casually in a direction which might be followed as a discipline), but he seems to have them innately.

Ray Davis dijo...

Of course, that was probably your point.

Of course, critics only exist to state the obvious.

Jonathan dijo...

If only critics could state the obvious!