17 ago. 2005

My spam filter seems to create more work. I have to move items into it if they are not caught, then delete them, then empty deleted items folder. I have to rescue messages that were mistakingly put there. It was easier when I just deleted messages as they came. I hate microsoft entourage. Awkwardly designed interface.


More inefficencies. If I want to know the final exam schedule, I can google it faster than going step by step through the KU website. My class rosters are on line, but are harder to get to than googling the GNP of Bulgaria. I have to remember whether class rosters are "learning services" or "learning management" and follow a hierarchical menu down.

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James dijo...

Is KU using PeopleSoft? Ours does, and your story sounds awfully familiar. For one thing, students are "employees", even non-grad. For another it's something like six layers before you even begin to see grades.

Jonathan dijo...

Peoplesoft. That's it.