3 ago. 2005

My new poems were arguing with my old poems this morning:

--We're older; we've stood the "test of time." We were written when the author was younger and smarter and better-looking. And look, the author has still not thrown us away!

--No, WE are the ones who have stood the test of time. If it weren't for us, the precious "author" would not even be a poet anymore. We are both younger AND older than you. The author barely knew what he was doing when he wrote you. Sure, he keeps YOU around for sentimental reasons, but one by one he abandons you. Haven 't you been rejected many times? And he's still not bad looking either!

--We're still around, some of us. One day you'll be the old poems--those of you who were admired in the first blush of enthusiasm will be rejected in turn.

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