8 ago. 2005

Mini Reviews

Ange Mlinko. Starred Wire. Coffee House Press. 2005

"Back when maps were dangerous it was seditious / to give one to a foreigner." I like this book. Read it and buy it--not necessarily in that order.

Myung Mi Kim. Under Flag. Kelsey St. Press. 1998.

It feels a little ponderous to me, despite its brevity. I'm going to have to return to it when I'm "in the mood."

Kenneth Koch. The Complete Fiction. Coffee House Press, 2005. [uncorrected galleys]

I'm going to have to re-read The Red Robins, a book I own but never really read, probably because I was too young to appreciate it when I first got it. This book also contains all of KK's short stories. Ably edited and introduced by Jordan Davis. I'm sure by now he's caught all those typos I found. This book, along with the complete poetry, will continue to keep Koch's name out there.

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Tony dijo...

got the mlinko. can't get into it.