11 ago. 2005

Ironically, I get the most review copies from the two presses that turned down my book proposal, Minor Poets of the New York School, Coffee House and Soft Skull. Both, obviously, are excellent publishers, or I wouldn't have tried them in the first place. I've never entered a contest and have no plans to do so. Entering a contest means you are a pathetic loser with no community of friends to publish your book for you (rough paraphrase of Silliman). Either way, I don't have a book, though to be fair to myself I've only started bombarding journals with my poetry in May of 2005. I need journal publications to give myself a little more credibility.


I have published two books, of course. They are not books of poetry, though, they are books about poetry. I've even published in PMLA and MLN.

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Laurel dijo...

some people submit to contest because it makes it fun to check the mailbox... or because they are dreamers... or because they have oodles of extry cash... or because... because... becasue it's one way of doing things.

I'm not naming names, but SOME people do.

Jonathan dijo...

Checking the mailbox is a big one for me, for submitting to journals. Usually all the acceptances come in email,though.

Whimsy dijo...

That rough paraphrase of Silliman's cracks me up, Jonathan. I'm among the unwashed losers, I suppose. It's really become difficult to just throw a manuscript over a publisher's transom and expect to get any kind of response, however. Good luck with yours.