5 ago. 2005

I'm going to start selling my titles to Gary rather than giving them away free.


The proportion between part and whole changes depending on the length of the whole. A very short poem puts more weight on each word. Compression of language (or prolixity )changes, however, depending on the scale taken as the comparison. 500 haiku can be prolix. Or even one short poem can be a waste of words.


I dreamt I was reconstructing a very complex musical work in my mind. Basically playing it to myself. I am glad to have this ability, at least in dreams, since I lack it in real life. Suppose I wanted to write a poem about this. The poem would have to be at least as interesting as this observation. The explanation for a poem cannot be more interesting than the poem itself.

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by Gary Sullivan

"Simpy the cheapest title he could find"--John Ashbery

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