25 ago. 2005

I also like Kevin Killian. Larry Rivers. Michael Magee. Babaganouj. Misspellings on restaurant menus. I like Clark Coolidge. I like The Poker and Carve, Canary and The Hat, Sulfur, Temblor. I like novels written by poets that nobody else knows about. Flann O'Brian. I like sestinas and villanelles and pantoums. The Roots. Leopoldo María Panero and Concha García. I love periodical rooms in libraries. Open stacks. Josephine Miles. Frank Lima. Being the first person to check a book out of the library, when the library has owned the book for 10 years. A section of the library stacks that is difficult to find and that is usually deserted. Count Basie. Modern Drummer magazine. D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Hardy. Poets named "Ron." The Vienna Paradox. Joseph Duemer's bonsai trees. Soundtracks to Charles Bronson movies. Steve McQueen in "Bullit." Gertrude Stein. "Mexico City Blues." Bök. Bach. "Shaking the Pumkin." The Hotel Wentley Poems. 1001 Avant-Garde Plays. I like the pull of displaced quarter-note triplets against a ride cymbal swing beat. Jack DeJohnette and Tony Williams. I like people who love to debate the superiority of the Miles, Coltrane, Chambers, Garland, Jones quintet of the 50s, or the Miles, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter group of the 60s.

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Phil dijo...

definitely a confident approach, jonathan, but I just don't see you having much luck with this on match.com!