18 ago. 2005

Guest Blogger: Jean-Pierre Restif

My friend Jonathan has asked me to take over his blog for a few days since he's too busy with classes. There are many things I don't understand about him, so maybe you can help me out a bit, you who maybe know him a bit better than I do.

Why does he blog? What purpose does it serve? Whence this obsession with the New York School of Poetry? Why don't his socks match? Why, fearing to offend, does he offend anyway? Is he really a Professor of Spanish? Then why doesn't he write about that? What became of his scholarly career? Who is Henry Gould? Is there really an "International Ron Padgett Association"? Do poets have fan clubs?

Why is he angry at Gary Snyder and Clayton Eshleman? Why does stupidity drive him to tears? What is the source of his anger? What's the whole "Bemsha Swing" thing? What is a Bemsha?

2 comentarios:

Jess dijo...

Jonathan's socks do match, he goes by thickness, not color.

fairest dijo...

Bemsha is a Monk tune. I don't know what Bemsha is, but I assume it's a place. 'Relaxin' at Camarillo'