6 jul. 2005

I have long been haunted by these lines:

"Almost any amount of time suffices to be a 'minor poet'
Once you have mastered a certain amount of the craft
For writing a poem, but I do not see the good of minor poetry,
Like going to the Tour d'Argent to get dinner for your dog,
Or 'almost' being friends with someone, or hanging around but not attending a school,
Or being a nurse's aide for the rest of your life after getting a degree in medicine,
What is the point of it?"

For two or three reasons: "Almost being friends" describes a lot of my more superficial friendships. And, of course, my book of poetry is entitled Minor Poets of the New York School. It is a school I hang around but do not attend. Those Seinfeld episodes in which a character (once it was George, another time Kramer) shows up for a job for which he has not been hired resonate with me strongly.

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Michael Snider dijo...

Take a look at Cavafy's "The First Step," Jonathan. Your post resonates with me, as well.