6 jul. 2005

I guess what I meant in post below was that what passes for a fairly hip, up-to-date style, such as what one might find in the "typical" poem here and there, can be found 35 years ago in Ted Berrigan, in Ron Padgett. I read a poem from the period (30-40 years ago) and think, wow, that poem could have been written yesterday. It's totally contemporary. Or I read a poem written yesterday, and say, it could have been written 30 years ago just as easily. This is itself holds no problem, though it might make me slightly less impressed by some recent poetry. All my blogger friends, needless to say, are exempt from this criticism.

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Jesse dijo...

i think of my poems as they could be written ten years from now, in the future. i write more for future readers, even my blog is geared for tomorrow.