22 may. 2005

{lime tree}: What Is the Most Important Poetry?.

A nice response to one of the fearsome "Fulcrum" questions that Ron was addressing a few days ago. Kasey also is caught up short by the Pollock/Rothko/Warhol sentence.

Far from being anti-intellectual, his response is very intellectual. More so than this question deserves. I was amused that someone would think Ron was violating a copyright by re-printing these questions. Can one copyright a cliché? If I formulate a question like "What does poetry tell us about the human spiirit?", can I forbid all future uses of this question? Maybe I could charge royalties whenever anyone used the phrase "the human spirit."

What should the questions be?

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Ron dijo...

In Dave Morice's Alphabet Anthology I have partial copyright on the letter "o" -- you will all be getting letters from my legal representation shortly,