20 may. 2005

I am finding some good poems in the Hat #6. Rachel Loden, "Lesbianism," Maggie Nelson, "Thanksgiving 2003." Tony Towle, "A Sunny Day." H. Gould, "from Dove Street" (See the drawing that inspired this poem on Henry's blog). A poem by CA Conrad that begins "Robert Creeley cab / driver look / alike." They could do half of a Best American Poetry just from poems in the Hat. Why there's even David Lehman himself. Mario Milosevic! Sounds like a pen name, but I liked his poem "Compulsion." If only Sasha Frere Jones were poetry editor of the New Yorker.

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Mario dijo...

Thanks for noticing my poem. My byline is actually not a pen name, although now that I think about it, I can see why someone might think so. My parents are from Yugoslavia. I got my first name because I was born in Italy as they were enroute to North America.

You have an interesting blog. I just started one last month. I'm posting a hundred word short short every day. Kind of like writing prose in a formal way.


Jonathan dijo...

Thanks for stopping by, Mario. I'll check out your blog.