13 may. 2005

I took this quiz too. I had a hard time because most of the questions seemed nonsensical to me. That is, there was not enough substance to the question to merit an agreement or disagreement. I did the best I could anyway, and I came out as a postmodernist--which makes a whole lot of sense, since I HATE postmodernism. (I'd rather be a modernist). To me, a statement like "interpretation is an intrinsic feature of the fabric of the universe" is just meaningless. You have to assume that the universe has a fabric with certain features, some of which are intrinsic and others of which are not. That interpretation can be a feature of something, that we are in any meaningful position to know whether or not this is the case (or not). The same for "spirituality halts the progress of society" or "there is a spiritual side to being human." Agreeing with propositions like these is as absurd as disagreeing with them.

There ought to be another category for people like me, the Wittgensteinian cynic.

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Tony dijo...

I took it too, and on those questions, I marked the middle box, which makes me, apparently, a cultural creative.

Whatever that is.

Jonathan dijo...


I scored relatively low on the "cultural creative" side of things, which every other poet on the bloggersphere seems to be. Maybe I reacted more strongly against some of the more touch-feely assertions than others did.

Emily Lloyd dijo...

I seem to have scored similarly to you, J.--was surprised to be an 81% postmodernist instead of a modernist (12%???) (blogged, actually, about how a girl once told me I was "such a modernist" in bed)...and was low on cult. creative, which made me feel very out of things in the poetsphere.

But what I came here to write was: speaking of poems that kick my ass, thank you for yours in the new Hat.

Jonathan dijo...


Thanks! That's my stab at confessional, SoQ poetry. I can't wait to get my copy of The Hat.

Laura Carter dijo...

They were also somewhat arbitrary about their capitalization of "g/God." I wasn't sure how to read that.