18 jul. 2004

I take back what I said about certain "bad" poets. They could not possibly write anything as bad as one Frederick Turner:

TCS: Tech Central Station - A Poet Dissents:

"How can they slander the honest officers of the State?
What is this rage, this stink of outraged vanity,
This resentment that finds at last its lusted-for target,
This thick warm glow of the narcissist's solidarity?
Why do they always adore the strongman with the mustache
(The strongman who takes great care of his personal hygiene
And always leaves behind him a sweetness at meetings)?
Why do they gnaw and slaver at the hand that feeds them?
Why do they hate so this dear dear America
That ploddingly over the decades hauls the world into decency?

Ploddingly indeed! Aside from the vileness of the sentiments (Bush is supposed to be an honest officer of the state), there is the sheer, undeniable clunkiness of the language. And this man is, in his own words, "the recipient of several other literary honors." I would think, then, the "literary honors" are totally meaningless.

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