25 mar. 2004

Line 2:

1. (Simplistic explanations do no good!)

2. (A squirrel puppet made of polished wood?)

3. (Not William Butler Yeats's ancient rood...)

4. (The swing-band softly playing "In the Mood")

5. (None of which is too clearly understood)

6. (Or speechless jaws, medicinally glued)

7. (Divas, on stage, who're mercillessly booed)

8. (the executioner had lost his hood)

9. (Who but a beggar would refuse that food?)

10. (And twenty angles waiting to be trued)

You get to witness my "creative process" as I write these poems. (Lucky you, right). I wish I had one of those reserve dictionaries. The -ange rhymes for line three are going to be devilishly difficult. Now I've written a hundred poems (two squared).

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