3 mar. 2004

I need to write my manic-depressive oxymoronic course description. I'm thinking of calling the course "poet's prose." My idea is to choose texts that don't belong to poetry as a genre; I don't even want to do "prose poems." Or I could choose a duller but less threatening title like "Literary Thought in 20th Century Spain and Latin America." Problem is, I hate the idea of literature. I know I want to do Lezama Lima, Borges, Gamoneda, Cortázar. Will it end up being an essay course? Maybe "writing across/against genres"? (What's duller than a literary genre?) We can read some Wittgenstein...

Or is the danger in setting up a new genre, the "poetic story/essay that Jonathan is interested in"? I could use your help. Please email suggestions for a good course title.

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