3 mar. 2004

Book of the day: Dreaming As One (Warsh). Source: JM's private collection.

He allows himself imperfection, is rarely boring; the kind of poet it's easy to underestimate. Here are the books he had "Above My Bed" in 1970, long before Oprah's book club:

One Hundred Years of Solitude (GGM)
T & G (Niedecker)
Wishes, Lies & Dreams (KK)
Balling Buddha (Giorno)
Poems, 1906-26 (Rilke)
Pack My Bag (Henry Green)
Going Away (Clancy Sigal) [who is that?]
A Return to Pagany, 1929-32 [he doesn't provide the author, WCW?]
The Finger (Creeley)
Scripture of the Golden Eternity (Kerouac)
Concentration and Meditation (Christmas Humphreys) [???]
In the Early Morning Rain (Berrigan)
The Age of Rock (2)
Maya (Hollo)
Elegiac Feelings American (Corso)
The Essential Lenny Bruce
The Greatest Thing in the World (Notley)
The Beard's New Basic History of the United States
Prison Diary (Ho Chi Min)
Their heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue (Paul Bowles)
By the Waters of Manhattan (Reznikoff)
Notebook (Devereaux Carson) [who's that?]
The Way of the White Clouds (Lama Angarika Govinda)
100 Memories (Waldman)

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