23 mar. 2004

Brooding upon Mohammad's Krazy Kat,
How Horace got his prosody all wrong,
How Mabel's sweat-pants made her look too fat,
And Henry's Pushkin drove him to his song,
How cats just make me sneeze, so I can't prove
I have a better ear than Espaillet,
How Billy Cobham got into a groove
With Mahavishnu, with a wild display
Of drumming talent. Brooding on this, and more,
On Lope's Violante, Kenneth Koch's wild Ko,
On Silliman, on Behrle, on Duncan's ancient lore,
On Creeley, Berrigan, Nick Piombino,
I started on this sonnet, which I hope you like.
I put some extra feet in, just for Mike.

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