14 mar. 2004

Book of the day (for today). The Fatalist by Lyn Hejinian. (2003). I'm ten pages from the end. Wow! This is the best new thing I've read in quite a while. I like it better than Oxota. Why didn't anyone tell me this work was so great! "Make a list of what you admire / in poetry, make a list of all you hate." (p.36).

Here are my lists:

!) Music
@) Humor
#) Intelligence
$) Unpredictability
%) Logopeiea
^) Concreteness, detail
&) Attitude, edge
*) Sense of wonder
!)) Subtlety
!!) Sexuality
!@) Inventiveness; difficulty

!) Slackness, verbiage, going on too long
@) Pretentiousness
#) Excessive "effort"; a sense of the belaboured
$) [Unintentional] stupidity
%) Condescension
^) Explanation
&) Solemnity or misplaced earnestness
*) The appeal to the reader's anti-intellectual tendencies
() Aesthetic incoherence or "wimpiness"
!)) Perfunctoriness, dullness
!@) The assumption of "comfortable" values in the reader

That does it for now. I'm sure I'll think of more later. Please note I'm speaking only for myself. Anyone else is free to admire poetry that is pretentious or explanatory, solemn or dull, or dislike poetry that is intelligent, unpredictable, and subtle!

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