9 dic. 2003

Julia's sestinas are getting even better:


I want to fly like a bird
I get information to read
I will never get disqualified
Theres nothing wrong with the principal
Until his face is green
He's so cold his cheeks are pink

Not too pink
If you do fly like a bird
The principal won't turn green
I just read
watch out here comes the principal
you might get disqualified

I don't think I will get disqualified
If I do I will turn pink
there's something wrong with the principal
I will never fly like a bird
it is just to be read
I guess the principal turned green

if he is sick he should be green
I don't have to be disqualified
So I will read
I read about roses that are pink
My favorite subject is a bird
now there's nothing wrong with the principal

I don't like the principal
he's not green
he does not care about a bird
soon I will be disqualified
I am so cold I will turn pink
I learn to see how to get warm is read

that's why I read
stay far from the principal
He's almost red mad but is medium pink
I pretend to be sick green
or I will get disqualified
nothing better than a bird

don't fly like a bird it's just to be read
if you don't want to get disqualified stay away from the principal
pretend to be green because the principal is medium pink.

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