8 oct. 2003

I.17a "Great negative! how vainly would the wise"

I'm guessing this is by someone else who shares my first name. We should be in the 18th century by now; the satirical wit, the misanthropy, are prominent:

"French truth, Dutch prowess, British policy
Hibernian learning, Scotch civility,
Spaniards' dispatch, Danes' wit, are mainly seen in thee."

(i.e., in nothingness: these things don't exist). Grade: A

17b "The Grape that can with Logic absolute"

A section of Edward Fitzgerald's translation of the Rubiaat of Omar Kahyam? (I can't spell either one, obviously) A less cycnical, lighter treatment of the Swiftian theme of nothingness. B+

17c "And God-appointed Berkeley that proved all things a dream"

The phrase "This pragmatical preposterous pig of a world" makes me think of D.H. Lawrence. If it isn't him, I haven't got a clue. Whowever wrote this, it is quite effective. A-

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