8 oct. 2003

I.16a "Fair daffadils, we weep to see"

Herrick, with whom I share my birthday. We see the intellectual content, the wit, decline from Shakespeare and Donne, but the poem is perfect for what it is, a tour de force of versification. A+

16b "When a daffadil I see"

I don't know the poem, but I'm guessing Herrick again. The comparison is a little trite, although it has the charmingly simplistic psychology of Herrick's poetry. B+

16c "Little wrists"

It sounds like Zukofsky himself, so it is probably Lorine Niedecker. I think I do know this poem:

"Little wrists
Is your content
My sight or hold,
Or your small air
That lights and trysts?

Red alder berry
Will singly break;
But you - how slight - do:
So that even
A lover exists."

Simple yet obscure, also perfect of its type. A++

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