19 dic. 2011

Fielding Dawson

I dreamt I was trying to remember the name of a novelist / short story writer. I finally settled on the name "Fielding Dawson." Dawson, of course, is a real writer, but his work is (presumably) nothing like the work I was reading in my dream, which was more in the David Sedaris genre. I haven't read Dawson, so maybe this dream is a sign that I should remedy this gap.

2 comentarios:

Jordan dijo...

I liked the Penny Lane trilogy when I was an undergraduate almost as much as I liked Auster's New York trilogy.

Tom Beckett dijo...

Fee's definitely worth reading. The fiction, first of all. He's got a great ear for dialogue. But the memoirs too. I've a special affection for his _An Emotional Memoir of Franz Kline_.