1 nov. 2011

Not My Musics

Disco, Country and Western, rancheras (or Mexican music generally), metal, grand opera, and zarzuela are not my musics. New Age and electronica, trance, etc... are not my music, nor is hip hop. Renaissance music is not to my taste, generally speaking. I despise Dixieland revival music. I don't like folk songs or military marches much.

Within this general category of "not my music," it's obvious that there is some good music that I might even enjoy hypothetically, but I simply have too many musics that I need to be listening to instead. I do use the radio program "Music From the Hearts of Space" as a sleep aid on Sunday night. I set it real low and go to bed at 11, and set my stereo to shut off exactly at 12. This New Age music program is very relaxing, but I don't use it for listening purposes.

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John dijo...

There are probably more styles of music than extant verbal languages. Each linguistic/cultural group has multiple styles of music -- or most of them did at one point if some no longer do. Naturally there's tons of crossover and blending and always has been.

I've always loved the locution "a piece of music." As if music is One, and all we can ever experience is a piece -- or, pieces -- of it.