6 oct. 2011

Steve Jobs and "Structures of Feeling"

I remember when Jobs left Apple for a while, and the machines became lifeless and dull. They still were still Apples, but they were not, somehow. I think they allowed other people to make computers using their operating system, but they were crappy and did not have the design elements needed to inspire. Their market share fell gradually during this period.

Since I spend most of my day with my mac devices of various sorts, my macbook pro, my ipad, my ipod, my desktop mac, it would be hard to say that anyone else has had more influence on my everyday life and creative habits. The "structures of feeling" (Raymond Williams) of our time flow from a corporation that this man founded.

2 comentarios:

Clarissa dijo...

I dislike macs intensely (especially because my school is trying to push them on me) but I have an intense emotional attachment to my Kindles, so I know what you mean. If anything happened to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, that would be a personal loss to me.

Jonathan dijo...

I have kindle application on my ipad, so I have the kindle too, but on a device you would probably hate. I haven't got many books for it yet, though.