30 oct. 2011

Hispanic Issues: What Lorca Knew

My article, "What Lorca Knew" is now available on line at Hispanic Issues On Line.

I haven't read the rest of the issue yet, so I don't know what the other contributors have to say.

2 comentarios:

Leslie dijo...

OK, I'm thinking of using this next term in a class it is surely too advanced for, but still.

It has given me a project idea which I'll suggest so someone else will do it if I don't: actually annotate the teoria y juego del duende. It does in fact need it and I'll bet the annotated version would become a frequently used item. It would be something one could always do a little piece of no matter how tired, like in these semesters of teaching 4-5 courses.

Jonathan dijo...

It would be a good senior project or M.A. thesis.