22 sept. 2011

Stories for Nighttime / And Some for the Day

I received a free copy of this book by Ben Loory, published by Penguin. My first impression is that it is way too facile, taking the Lydia Davis or Paul Auster mode of postmodernism and making it even "liter." He is very smart to figure out that this was a place to go here, a niche for a dumbed-down postmodernism. If you know Borges, then Auster is not impressive. If you now Auster, than Loory will not be impressive either.

Of course, LD is far better than Auster so I don't mean to insult her, but Loory seems to be imitating her more than her ex-husband. The first story in the book is a blatant imitation of the opening of If On A Winter's Night a Traveler.

My impression might change as I get further into the book.

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Leslie dijo...

Did they send this book to everyone?
I got it, too.