1 sept. 2011


I have spotify now. It's legal, right? Anyway, I haven't put much time in with it yet, because there is music on my ipod I've barely heard, or not at all, and I also am going through my Flamenco podcasts and have 2.4 days to go with those. Of course I still subscribe to those podcasts so I need to listen to six hours a week just not to fall behind.

Also, having almost infinite music at my disposal leads me to flit from one thing to another and barely stop to enjoy anything. That was the problem I had with Rhapsody. I would download endless music and hardly have time to listen to it, since I used the time to download more music instead. It's a finitude problem, ultimately.

3 comentarios:

Amateur Reader dijo...

You don't listen to music while downloading? That's my solution. Doesn't really solve the philosophical problem.

Jonathan dijo...

Sure, but then I would always switch to the music I had just downloaded, always skipping ahead, since downloading is faster than listening.

Amateur Reader dijo...

Ah. I stick with what I started with. I must be more disciplined in this regard - or more neurotic.

The availability of Itunes-supplied data on that most interesting subject, the listening habits of me, is not necessarily a spur to good listening, either.