27 sept. 2011


I began several months by downloading about 30 hours of Flamenco podcasts. When I discovered two more programs, I had quite a few to listen to, about 90 hours when I was the furthest behind. Now I am down to about 20, but the catch is that I six hours more every week, so I have to listen to seven to actually make headway during any given week. I've listened to all of the "Nuestro flamenco" broadcasts of 2011, except for 20 minutes, and most of the "Duendeando" and "Entre palos y quejíos" as well, for 2011 and a part of 2010. I've learned a lot, but not a lot, maybe, in proportion to the number of hours I've spent. I don't really care that it's inefficient, because I am also enjoying the music and the interviews. I have to think of the next step of the project after I am caught up in my listening. I guess it would be designing the course in detail by compiling a bibliography of readings.

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