29 sept. 2011

Philadelphia Squirrels

I dreamed I was in Philadelphia. It didn't look anything like the real city where I've been several times, but that's where I thought I was. People were interacting in strange ways with a large number of squirrels. Some had them on leashes. Other were holding them as they jumped through the air, getting a lift from the squrrels, etc... The animals were quite docile, and I remembered wondering why they didn't fight against the humans holding them.


Later in the night, my father came back to my childhood house. I was showing him how we hadn't altered his study at all. I opened a rare edition of Quevedo that I had acquired, but the text was illegible. My father died ten years ago, so a visit from him in a dream is always welcome. Interestingly, the study actually no longer exists, because my parents knocked out a wall of the house. The study in the dream was the small room that was once my father's study and later became my brother's bedroom.


The third dream must be censored, unfortunately.

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