18 sept. 2011

The Forgotten

This film, directed by Joseph Ruben, was released in 2004 and stars Julianne Moore as a mother who is in therapy for the tragic death of her son. Soon, it seems she is losing her mind as all evidence of the son's existence is erased. Her therapist and her husband both claim her son Sam never existed in the first place. Soon, she is running from Federal Agents and space aliens. Somehow, the aliens who have the power to rapture people from the earth instantaneously have trouble with the Power Of A True Mother's Love. A good premise for a movie, but the ode to motherly love at the end takes the movie into ideological fantasy.

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Jim Murdoch dijo...

Of the same ilk is Jodie Foster's Flightplan. Both are okay, as is the case with so many films like this if you just sit there and let yourself be entertained without asking too many questions.