28 ago. 2011

What Lorca Knew

This will be coming out in October. This is really my first online article ever, believe it or not. Of course I have substantial web footprint, but this is the first formal academic essay written for an online journal.

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Professor Zero dijo...

(Yes that was me publishing in the wrong identity, but now in a different browser. My theory is of course that this blog should have more than one option of how to publish comments - it insists on Google whereas SMT, for instance, does not. I think that is because it was established so long ago, before there were all those options. The blog I started just now, a development blog for a grant, automatically wants to automatically Tweet and Facebook everything and I have to turn that off not on.)

Anyway, my actual question or comment is, where is the article, as I am not finding it easily? Does the link need a slight adjustment?

Jonathan dijo...

It will be coming out in October. Sorry for the tease.