1 ago. 2011


I've cancelled my twitter. It just wasn't doing very much for me, either in the accounts I was following or in my own tweets. I was willing to give it a try, but if there were no tangible benefits, I didn't see the point in continuing. If I change my mind I can always start fresh with a completely new account.

I am in no way saying twitter is bad thing and will rot our brains. There's nothing particularly wrong with it; I just don't have space for it in my personal internet economy.

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Clarissa dijo...

I feel the same about it. I tried but it just isn't my format.

Besides, people have now started tweeting me comments and questions about my blog posts. Which is annoying because I can't be expected to conduct several different conversations about the same post in two different places. Want to make a comment? Come to the blog and knock yourself out.

Sorry for the rant.

Jonathan dijo...

Your rants are always welcome here.

Andrew Shields dijo...

I just started, and the only thing I think is useful about it so far is that it's easier to post on Twitter for iPhone than on Facebook for iPhone.

Other than that, it's largely people passing links to each other?