2 ago. 2011

How To Work With Me

The title of this post, but not the content, was inspired by this post. I would like to be the diametrical opposite of the person who wrote the original list of "How To Work With Me." It is not that I don't want to work fast and avoid wasting time, but I think that whoever wrote this list is a completely narcissistic person.

So here's how to work with me. Consult my "fees and services" and see if any of what I can offer might be something you need. Write me an email and tell me what you have in mind. I'll ask questions to make sure you are someone I can help. Send me your work and I will quickly give you my honest opinion in a respectful way. Then pay me and recommend me to your friends.

Wow, I am a lot more concise than the asshole who's telling his subordinates to be concise. The problem is not that any of the ideas of the asshole are bad, per se. Maybe "micromeetings" are the way to go. The problem is that you can just tell he's an asshole by the condescending way he phrases things and by the sheer length of the list.

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Clarissa dijo...

And can people still sit while they communicate with you? Because you can always demand they stand while writing emails to you and leave comments on your blog. :-)

On the serious note, I always feel that people who have truly achieved an important standing in their profession take themselves a lot less seriously than the list-making asshole.

Vance Maverick dijo...

This sounds rather like the founders of the well-known tech company where I work. They learned not to sound this arrogant, but some of the details do resonate. What makes it unlikely they actually wrote this is the "me" in the title -- for a long time, they did operate as a duo.

In defense of this jerk, I suspect it's hard to run a company with lots of people and even more money without inadvertently sounding like you think you're a big deal. One reason I have no ambitions to move "up" in that world.

Jonathan dijo...

There are actually "potentially" good ideas about business communication in this list. Obviously the guy is very proud of having developed them. What's off is the tone-deafness to how it actually sounds to a subordinate. Like, don't bother sitting down in my office if it's only a five-minute meeting.