21 ago. 2011

Frases hechas de Almodóvar

I've decided to base my course mostly on authentic material. In other words, I'll be taking my idioms and proverbs directly from real sources, not from collections compiled already by others. Here are some idioms and collocations I found in an interview with Pedro Almodóvar en El país.

en los tiempos que corren
los tiempos que vivimos [the times we're living in]
“No son santo de mi devoción” [not a saint I worship = I'm not crazy about them {papparazzi}]
que guardo como oro en paño [I treasure it like Gold wrapped up in cloth]
por enésima vez [for the umpteenth time]
El presente va a toda hostia [the present going forward full speed ahead. Hostia is word with many meanings in colloquial Spanish.]
en plena democracia [pleno means full-blown, or something like that, it can be used with names of seasons, like "en pleno invierno"]
“El menosprecio a la cultura y a sus creadores viene de antiguo” [goes back a long way]
Se me cae el alma a los pies [my soul falls down my feet. In English we would say "my heart sank."]
uno de mis directores fetiche [one of my "fetish directors," a "santo de mi devoción" in other words]

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