11 ago. 2011

A Dream of Duendeando

Our real estate agent had convinced us to put our house on the market, even though we weren't really moving or looking for another house to live in. We didn't have a sign in our front lawn, but a woman from Argentina showed up and started talking to us about buying it. We were outside on the deck, and I began to effusively praise the happy times we had had in our house. Then I discovered that this woman was also a Spanish professor. She used the word "duendeando" and I started to talk about my research, etc... It turned out she was a Spanish professor too.

I rarely have vivid dreams that I can remember, so this is very unusual. The duende comes from "dueño de la casa" so is associated with a local spirit, the spirit of a house. This thought occurred to me, however, only as I was writing this post, not during the dream itself. "Duendeando" is the name of a Flamenco podcast. I had been listening to this podcast all week before the dream. I had also visited the blog of an Argentine Spanish professor, and blogged about an NPR story about the duende. This was a dream only I could have had, and only with that particular set of stimuli.

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