25 ago. 2011

The Bill Evans Trio: The Oslo Concerts

This is how jazz movies should be made: just footage of the music itself, tastefully shot. No talking over the music allowed. This film combines a mid-sixties trio concert with another one from 1980. The small 60s audience is concentrated but undemonstrative. The later audience applauds in unison. Both sets are wonderful, and the contrasts / continuities are very interesting. The trio was Evans's best format.

Listen for Stella by Starlight and Nardis.

3 comentarios:

Thomas dijo...

I thought roughly the same thing about Mingus in 1968. About his eviction. (You can find it on YouTube). The lack of a voice over makes it hard to follow, but in the end you "get it" at a much deeper level.

Jim Murdoch dijo...

I know nothing about jazz compared to what I know about classical music but I do know what I like and I've never heard anything by Bill Evans that I didn't like.

Jonathan dijo...

There are a few things of Bill Evans I don't like, but very, very few things.